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invite sustainability
to work for
your company

what we do

  • workplace e-learning (i.e. “Profitability through Sustainability”)
  • strategies to boost engagement, efficiency and innovation
  • social media planning & community management
  • your content made into an engaging, social e-learning experience

About our workplace e-learning: Employers enroll 25-200 employees in a 20 hour online course. Your company is invited into a private online classroom where employees participate at their convenience.

Participants discuss articles and videos from sustainability thought-leaders and share reflections via social media. The learning becomes personalized through the selection of industry-specific and job-specific discussions of sustainability. Participants ask questions of authors, suggest resources for colleagues and become leaders within their learning communities. Employers receive weekly reports describing each participant’s new skills and knowledge.

Exercises are completed using the tools participants choose to learn: presentation platforms, wikis, blogs, bookmarking, note taking, photo galleries, video channels, mind-mapping or online meeting facilitation. Hopefield engages your employees with sustainability so they can contribute to positive change at your company.

what we value

Hopefield works with entrepreneurs, companies, municipalities and educational institutions that also value:

  • an ecologically sustainable future
  • collaboration (to ensure we’re more social, sustainable & innovative)
  • partners with sustainable business models

“Sustainable businesses are resilient, and they create economic value, healthy ecosystems and strong communities.” (Ivey Business Journal)

Let Hopefield take you on a world tour of ideas. Together, we’ll create game-changing results from your sustainability investments. Our social learning platform builds capacity for communication, teamwork and planning through the latest online tools. We help your employees generate actionable, profitable ideas for embedding sustainability in all the ways you do business.

To re-cap, why would you work with Hopefield?

  1. Participation in sustainability boosts engagement and productivity
  2. A social approach to sustainability improves communication overall
  3. Sustainability training builds employee capacity to innovate

we teach

Hopefield Courses:

  1. Profitability through Sustainability
  2. Social Media/Community Building for Small Business
  3. Diversifying Revenue through Collaborative Online Tools
  4. Your Content Made into an Engaging, Online Course

we teach

Profitability through Sustainability:

  • Anticipate how sustainability will change your industry and understand the challenges and solutions throughout your supply chain
  • Learn to solve social, environmental and economic problems through sustainability
  • Plan social learning opportunities for your stakeholders and measure the benefits of them buying into sustainability

we teach

Social Media/Community Building for Small Business:

  • Share What You Have to Offer with More Prospective Customers
  • Get Your Customers Endorsing You Online
  • Find Other Businesses Willing to Cross-Promote

Get Social Media Working for You Now!

we teach

Diversifying Revenue through Collaborative Online Tools:

Learn about crowdfunding, cross-promotion, e-commerce, visual content and curating articles for your specific audience

we teach

Your Content Made into an Engaging, Online Course:

Whether you have a textbook, a face-to-face course or just a course idea, Hopefield can make your content come alive, create a vibrant, online learning community for you and even host your course on our website.


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I’m now taking my second online course from Natalie Robinson. I felt I needed formal training to be more effective in what I was doing, and the online courses fit the bill perfectly.

Natalie has found just an amazing collection of expert individuals and organizations in the field that inspire and challenge me. A combination of readings and videos, radio documentaries and interactive web sites… laptop has become my classroom and the world and new ideas are literally a click away.

I firmly believe we humans are going to dig ourselves out of the current environmental hole we’ve created by sharing information and motivating and inspiring vast numbers of people, through advocacy and training. Can we harness the power of Twitter, Facebook and all the rest to do this? I think we have no choice.

Vicky Merrick, Future Centre Trust, Barbados